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October 28, 2022

Why Retail Brand Awareness is so Important

Did you know that 46% of consumers will pay more for products or services from trusted brands? This stat alone provides you with an idea of how important brand awareness is, both in online and retail settings.

But brand awareness in retail stores goes far beyond what customers are willing to pay. In-store brand awareness can boost sales numbers, loyalty, and facilitate brand growth in all areas.

Is your business faltering on the retail brand awareness front? If so, you might be missing out not just on sales, but on overall brand growth—which is an expensive and dangerous mistake.

Keep reading to find out why brand awareness and marketing in retail stores is so important.

Retail Brand Awareness Helps You Stand Out

One of the first reasons why brand awareness in retail settings is so critical is that it helps your products stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever entered a large retailer and felt overwhelmed by the variety of offerings? Shelves upon shelves of products, as far as your eyes can see, are what most consumers face when they enter a big retailer.

Navigating this to find a product they already know and love is hard enough. Finding a new product to try is even tougher. At every turn, the consumer is bombarded by packaging, messaging, and rows of products.

Creating strong brand awareness in a retail setting helps you stand out from the clamor and puts you right in front of your shoppers’ eye.

If you can differentiate yourself through a unique display or high-quality packaging, your products will be instantly better positioned.
Not sure how to differentiate your products from the crowd? Check out our post on how to bring your retail store displays to life with a smart shelf.

Consistency = Recognition

If you want to reap the far-reaching benefits of brand awareness through marketing in retail stores you have to keep things consistent.

It doesn’t matter how great your retail store displays are, how bright the colors are, or how cool the designs are—if these elements aren’t perfectly consistent with your overall branding, you’re wasting time and resources.

Branding consistency marries the impact of your brand across all channels, supercharging it for maximum results. For example, let’s say a consumer has followed your brand on Instagram, or subscribed to your newsletter, but hasn’t converted yet.

If they recognize your branding in-store, this might be the moment they convert. Excited to see your brand in a physical store, what’s easier than to pick up one of the products they’ve been contemplating and include it in the checkout?

This chain reaction works both ways. Let’s say a consumer first sees your products on display in-store and then encounters your brand online. If your branding is consistent, this will achieve brand recognition and increase the chance of conversions.

Don’t believe us? Marketing statistics show that presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can grow revenue by up to 23%.

Brand Awareness in Retail Stores Can Help Cement Trust

One of the central goals of brand awareness is building trust. This is especially important in retail settings. Do you remember the last time you noticed a small, nondescript display in a retail store? We’ll bet this paled in comparison to larger, more impactful displays that instantly caught your attention.

When you walked away, which brand stood out as more trustworthy? Probably not the small, sidelined display. Impressive retail store displays tell consumers that your brand has a place in the store. This is an instant trust signal.

retail brand awareness

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating strong brand awareness in a retail setting helps you stand out from the clamor and puts you in front of customers’ eyes.
  • Branding consistency marries the impact of your branding across all channels, supercharging it for maximum results.

Marketing in Retail Stores Is Integral to Creating a Brand Identity

Online marketing is critical in today’s age, but this doesn’t mean you should cast a blind eye to your retail store displays. On the contrary, the right marketing in retail stores can augment brand awareness and sales across all channels.

Want to stand out from the pack in-store and drive powerful brand awareness via retail?

Tri-PlexDesign is your partner for creating stunning displays and smart merchandising while minimizing your environmental impact. Contact us now to discuss how we can intensify your in-store branding today!

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