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October 25, 2022

How Tri-Plex Implements Perch’s Lift-and-Learn Platform

It’s important for businesses to advertise the value proposition that makes their products unique. However, a whopping 78% of consumers see no “substantial difference” in most of what’s available to buy.

One of the best ways to make your products stand out is to utilize a stunning display and smart merchandising technology in your retail planning and executions. Sometimes, this will include the Perch Lift-and-Learn interactive display system we integrate into our displays.

This kind of technology will take your retail shelves to the next level! But, how does this technology work, and how does Tri-PlexDesign implement this technology for you? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Is the Lift-and-Learn Interactive Display?

The Perch Lift-and-Learn display system interacts with customers based on the product they are holding by the use of sensors. The display recognizes what product a customer is reaching for or holding and delivers a variety of relevant content or other information about the product.

This creates a very seamless and personalized experience for customers and is documented to lift sales and make sure your products stand out on the shelf.

Benefits of Using This Display

We’ve touched on how this display can boost sales by giving your customers more information right when they need it. However, there are other major benefits to using this technology.

For example, it can increase customer loyalty. Shoppers appreciate the fact that you are giving them additional product info without them having to do anything. And they’ll remember the business that made things easier for them next time they go shopping.

Also, younger demographics, especially millennials, enjoy how these displays transform shopping into a different kind of experience. Since this demographic prefers unique experiences, these displays help your brand engage with them. 

Another valuable benefit is the collection of data on the shopper’s interaction with each product. The analytics of touch to conversion, dwell time, content preferences, planogram effectiveness, and other key performance indicators let you optimize your merchandising planning.

The biggest benefit, though, is that these displays allow you to use gamification to your advantage.

Gamification Meets Retail

Gamification has been a growing concept in business for many years. For example, consumers rely on gamified apps to track their health. And corporations and colleges alike have explored the gamification possibilities of digital badges.

With the use of the Lift-and-Learn interactive display, Tri-PlexDesign brings gamification into the retail space. Customers enjoy getting info on products, and will often pick up extra products just to see what shows up on the screen!

This increases customer satisfaction while giving the customer a greater sense of control. And even as customers become the winners of their own gamified experience, you get to win over the customers in a very fun way.

Dove Smart Display

Key Takeaways:

  • The Lift-and-Learn interactive display technology from Perch Interactive interacts with customers based on the product they are touching/holding through the use of sensors.
  • This technology provides an array of benefits such as; increasing customer loyalty and creating a unique shopping experience that customers will remember.
  • The analytics on each shopper’s engagement provides valuable insight into the consumer’s behavior and helps you optimize your merchandising and build ROI models.  

Upgrade Your Display Today

Here at Tri-PlexDesign, we specialize in making your products stand out. To discover the power of smart merchandising, or to get started with your stunning display, contact us today!

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