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February 28, 2023

Sustainability and Design

Today’s sustainable initiatives surround every business. It is important to your customers, your families, and our shared planet.

Though it’s a complex issue, we believe it’s ultimately worth tackling for that reason, however, that best translates to your company.

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Know Your Materials

The simplest piece of the puzzle is to focus on the materials used for your displays.

Variations include sustainably-harvested paperboard and recyclable plastics, both of which can contain recyclable material.

There’s a spectrum of options to consider depending on the project, but the best fit for you is definitely something we can help you find.

Best Manufacturing Practices

Utilizing alternative and renewable energy sources for manufacturing is an effective option as well.

We offer services that work with gray water recycling closed-loop systems for cooling and solar energy for power in the factories constructing your displays.

Let Design Lead the Way

Keeping an eye on how to best use space efficiency and adept design to reduce your environmental footprint is powerful too.

Creating more compact merchandisers and shipping them as compactly as possible reduces the cubic space taken up during freight, which obviously saves not only fuel but your money.

Think Updatable and Reusable

This is also true of modular designs that can be built to include updatable sections to avoid the need to change the entire display when only a few elements or products change. The interchangeability can be large or small depending on your needs and is a great way to give your projects a second life while reducing waste.


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