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July 17, 2023

The WOW Factor

Did you know there are 4.2 million retail stores throughout America? No matter what you sell, chances are you have plenty of competition to worry about, so make your display outshine them all. That’s why we strive to create stunning displays and we’d like to share some ideas to help you succeed.

What Will They See?

It takes just a few seconds to decide if we stop or keep going past a product on display. Do you remember the last time you noticed a small, non-descript presentation? Likely not.

It’s important to use all of the space in your designated location and to consider how it is viewed both from afar and as you approach. What will catch your eye at both distances? How is the lighting, what is the height, sightline and angle that shoppers will have when they see you?

Each kind of position and space for in-line shelving, end cap, freestanding and counter placement present different challenges. Visit a number of stores you expect your display to be in and look for how your competition is displaying and positioned. What did they do well and what could you improve on?

Great Communication

Shelves upon shelves of products are what most consumers see. How can your brand stand out and draw closer attention to communicate in those few seconds you have? Less inclined to read, shoppers are quick to absorb images and icons. Visual clues of color, shape, textures, material and dimension transmit signals immediately.

Another key feature to improve shopability are well-organized and labeled product sections that are easy to access, navigate with room for promotion (New/On Sale/Just for You) and areas for storytelling.

Communication should be brief, inviting and reflect the brand’s voice. A stunning display should elicit emotion and visual energy.

Physical Meets Digital

Consumer expectations for shopping were forever changed by the media-rich imagery, video, and product details of shopping online. More storytelling, product reviews and suggestions, social and influencer commentary help validate a decision to buy. Add the excitement of being in-store to touch and hold the product creates a physical connection and a powerful engagement that’s hard to resist.

Leveraging all of our senses points us towards the true north of the decision making process. Why not combine the best of both physical and digital worlds in your stunning display?

Be it the extraordinary Lift & Learn camera sensing system (case studies show a minimum of 30% sales lift) that interacts as products are touched or a curated mobile engagement seamlessly launched by the display’s QR code, this journey will surpass expectations.

Another huge benefit of physical and digital merchandising are the metrics, analytics and data it generates. It gives brands and retailers insight into the consumer’s behavior, how effective the product mix, planogram and overall presentation is. Dwell time, KPI’s, which products and what content were preferred are invaluable to learn and paves the way to personalized offers. A stunning display becomes a smart display when you offer a physical and digital shopping experience.

Brilliant, Dazzling, Remarkable and Smart

Above all, make sure your display presentation speaks to the quality of your brand. Poor construction, inferior materials or a design lacking identity sends a negative signal. Build a level of trust, importance and reliability in your brand by the way you display your products.

Let us help you create uniquely effective merchandising solutions that bring all of the customer touchpoints together to tell the consumer they’ve found the right place to shop. Have the smartest display in the store because stunning is more than skin deep.

Call Tri-PlexDesign, we do it all.

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