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October 12, 2023

What is a Smart Shelf?

Over the next five years, the market for digitally enabled and experiential product displays around the world should more than triple. If you are a brand, marketing agency, or retailer, you likely are already thinking about these kinds of technologies. But what should you know and how will it drive your in-store marketing success?

A New Kind of Retail Shelving

When shoppers experience a static retail shelf or display, they have to reach for their phones to get more information. Searching online or downloading an app discourages the in-store purchase impulse and leads to lost sales. 

The need for a convenient, immediate, and info-rich at-shelf solution presents a huge opportunity to create a much better experience that benefits the shopper. Knowing the technologies and how to employ them is critical to driving your in-store sales.

Engaging Retail Experiences

A digitally enabled display engages the shopper with relevant information in an exciting way while collecting valuable data about their interactions and preferences. We like to call these Smart displays. They merge digital and physical interaction with the best features of in-store and online shopping to motivate the consumer.

Unlock the Potential 

A product’s story, reviews, influencer commentary and the brand’s social media presence can be delivered in a concise and compelling mobile or interactive Lift & Learn engagement (a system that intuitively responds to touch or gesture). This experience assists and delights shoppers and is documented to lift sales when used in-store. 

These technologies also enable shoppers to join your loyalty program, receive future promotional offers, or redeem instant “buy now” incentives. They provide metrics on each shopper’s interaction, the key performance indicators for dwell time, preferred content, touch-to-sales ratios, and valuable data that helps stakeholders optimize their planograms and bring valuable insight into the consumer’s behavior at the shelf.

Have The Smartest Display in the Store

It’s no surprise that the Lift & Learn display system has been embraced by Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Purina, and other notable market leaders. After extensive testing, these systems surpassed expectations for sales lift across a wide variety of categories.

Why remain blind to what happens on the sales floor as shoppers consider your products? Wouldn’t it be valuable to better understand how your packaging, pricing, and position on the shelf impacts your sales? You also build brand awareness with shoppers as they’re immersed in an interactive journey about what you have to offer.

More Smart Shelf Info

At Tri-PlexDesign, we are at the forefront of such technologies and would like to talk to you about them. 

Let us share the opportunities for changing how shoppers will perceive your products. We are excited about the future of retail. Please pick up the phone and give us a call.

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