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August 30, 2022

A New Kind of Retail Shelving

Over the next five years, people expect the market for digital kiosks and Smart Merchandising tools around the world to more than triple in use. If you are a brand, marketing agency, or retailer, you should already be investing in these kinds of in-store technologies. Keep reading to learn more on how they work!

Smart Merchandising

A New Kind of Retail Shelving

Currently, most retail environments offer a static retail shelf or product display leaving shoppers to find information online or download an app for help. This discourages the in-store purchasing impulse, loses sales, and generates more online purchasing.

The need for a convenient, immediate, info-rich shelf solution presents a huge opportunity to create a far better shopping experience for the customer and profits for stakeholders. Knowing the technologies to do this is critical to your in-store marketing success.

Engaging Retail Experiences

Retail offers a unique environment where digital and physical shopping can merge. Stakeholders must leverage this advantage by building consumer relationships and creating loyalty with rewarding in-store experiences that delight shoppers, drive conversion, and collect data on their preferences and behavior.

Smart retail shelving or Smart displays digitally interact with the shopper to provide relevant information about the product they are considering while also collecting analytics about the shopper’s interactions.

Unlock the potential

A product story told with visuals, reviews, influencer commentary, and video delivered in a concise, compelling, and interactive engagement launched by QR code or Lift and Learn touch or gesture activated system helps shoppers validate their decision to buy and drives conversion.

They can opt-in to join a loyalty program, redeem a digital coupon and sign up to receive personalized promotional offers. These technologies provide metrics on each shopper’s engagement, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for dwell time, most preferred content, pick-up to sales ratios and valuable data to optimize planograms and yield insight into the consumer’s behavior at the shelf.

It’s no surprise that these powerful platforms have been embraced for their various benefits by notable market leaders like Dove, Samsung, Macy’s, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

HP Smart Retail Shelving

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart Merchandising displays and smart retail shelving will transform the shopping experience by enhancing your retail space and delivering documented sales lift and profits.
  • Savvy brands, marketers, and retailers employ our Smart Merchandising tools – specialized retail mobile shopping content and The Incredible Perch Lift & Learn system to dramatically increase the ROI on their display programs and performance.
  • Having real-time metrics from the shopper’s interaction with inventory at the shelf provides invaluable intelligence on what’s working and what’s not with your merchandising strategy and helps you make better future investment decisions on your shopper marketing spend.

More Smart Merchandising Info

Tri-PlexDesign is the new voice in retail, creating dynamic display solutions with digital technologies that transform how consumers shop in-store, and we want to talk to you about them. We are excited about the future of retail and helping you succeed in it. Visit our website or pick up the phone today to give us a call.

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