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September 13, 2023

Personalized Merchandising

In March 2020, the world closed. During the pandemic, e-commerce sales soared by 40%. Brick-and-mortar sellers were quick to see how e-com’s personalized offers drove more sales by learning shopper preferences and were eager to employ this technique as their world opened back up. 

Technology Can Assist Us 

Retailers and brands work hard to stand out and be chosen by the consumer. They know to connect with customers on a more personal level by leveraging zero- and first-person data and seeing what products shoppers are engaging with. This personalizes their experience, like giving each of us our own personal shopper.  Who wouldn’t like that?

How Smart Merchandising Works 

Personalizing the content to what the shopper is engaged with brings higher satisfaction and gratification to their experience. Consumers want help finding the best product for their needs and their budget. Promotions specific to the brand and the product they’re considering are key. The ability to digitally deliver personalized offers as they touch or hold the product is what Smart Merchandising is all about. 

Use the Mobile Channel 

Consumers will share more information to get what they want. The more data collected, the more personalized offers you can make. Mobile engagement is an ideal channel for shoppers to engage with recommendations and reviews of your inventory, reward program sign-ups, product information, promotional incentives, and suggestions for complementary items they might try.

We Can Help! 

Our team at Tri-PlexDesign can help you brainstorm the best way to integrate Smart Merchandising technology to personalize your customers’ experience. We create and implement display and merchandising solutions that draw interest to your brand and grow your bottom line. From branded showcases to lift-and-learn experiences to mobile interaction, we do it all. 

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