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Stunning Displays

Create an ideal branded showcase to tell your product’s story.

From temporary promotional to permanent display installations, we create beautiful exhibitions that draw consumers in and engage them with your desired features.

Beyond just skin-deep appeal, our retail store displays are specifically created to maximize the space, location, line of sight, and communication of your product’s value and brand awareness.

Whether it’s an endcap, freestanding, in-line, or store-within-store environment, it all starts with us and delivering you an awe-inspiring product presentation that you, your customers, and your retailers will love.
stunning displays
Stunning Displays
Smart Merchandising

Smart Merchandising

Unlock the art of compelling presentation while gaining important consumer behavioral data.

What if your display could: 
  • Delight with an interactive technology documented to lift sales at least 30%?
  • Deliver 5x-10x longer time of engagement with brand-relevant content?
  • Provide the analytics and metrics of each person’s experience with your display and what information was most effective?
  • Present consumers with an attractive, information-rich experience of online product browsing to drive conversion?
  • Convert shoppers into buyers with instant redeemable offers and wowed your retail channel relationship?
This is the world of Smart Merchandising. Not only do we accentuate your products with technology, we also create the in-store interaction customers want. This has the added benefit of delivering valuable data on their behavior that brands and retailers can share to optimize the merchandising performance.
smart merchandising

Your Sustainability

Help minimize your environmental impact with a variety of services.

Driven by consumer concern about the world’s resources and retail channel mandates for more easily recyclable materials, businesses are challenged to work more on creating sustainable merchandising executions.

You achieve this by steps, not leaps, in addition to awareness of material options, types of production methods, costs, retailers’ recycling stream, and navigating the web of different guidelines and collection methods around the country.

As stewards of sustainable design and manufacturing to our clients for over a decade, Tri-Plex Design offers a range of 100% recycled and recyclable materials and manufacturing best practices, sustainably innovative and green energy production facilities, and the knowledge to design for efficient freight and logistics.
Sustainability in Retail Store Displays
Retail Compliance

Retail Compliance

Alleviate your delivery concerns through technology and streamlining.

This service is crucial but often neglected due to its complicated nature, but the industry’s average of total display fulfillment as envisioned at retail is only 50%! Imagine knowing your retail store displays will be delivered and set up correctly without fretting about what could go wrong in the last step of the process.
Tri-Plex Design has partnered with Capo Commerce to overcome this low compliance rate by including scannable codes that stores can use to confirm your project has delivered to its intended destination. We have extensive knowledge of many retailers’ display guidelines as well, which ensures everything is to their desired needs, from detailed instruction sheets and labeling to shipping, sizing, and installation requirements. 
This is how we’re able to prevent inefficiency and potentially wasted time and materials while being sure both you and the retailer are satisfied at the end of the process.
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