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Smart Merchandising

Dove Smart Display

What is Perch?

It's only the most intuitive and intelligent of all the digital merchandising solutions we know that consistently produces a documented 30% minimum sales lift across a broad swath of categories.

Shoppers love the interactions digital merchandising solutions like Perch offer, such as touching or holding a product and triggering the fun and informative tour of product features, reviews, influencer commentary and cross-merchandising solutions. It can be integrated with Virtual Try-On capacity or onboard mobile engagement, and becomes a visual destination when built into our dynamic displays.

Perch has been acclaimed as a leading retail technology by Forbes, and Its sophisticated analytics measure conversion rates and other metrics to quickly understand what consumers prefer and the way to cater to them.
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Mobile engagement

Mobile Engagement

Currently most shoppers experience a static retail shelf or product display and require searching on their phones to find more relevant information or download an app for help. This discourages the in-store purchasing impulse and can spur disinterest.

The need for a convenient, immediate, information-rich solution at the shelf presents a huge opportunity to provide a better shopping experience for the benefit of your customer in a simple manner.

Utilizing your target audience's existing devices, this merges the digital and physical shopping environments while you collect valuable data about their preferences and habits. It's a unique advantage in building successful consumer relationships and maintaining them over time.
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