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July 14, 2022

How Do QR Codes Transform the Retail Marketing Space?

Almost half of all consumers have used a QR code to access information within the past three months. Knowing this, it might be time for you to plan on using one in your next shopper marketing campaign! But one key question remains: How can using a QR code transform the shopper experience in your retail marketing space? Find out more about QR codes in this guide for QR codes in retail marketing!

All About QR Codes

What Is a QR Code?

A QR (or “Quick Response”) code is created with a group of geometrical shapes that today, consumers know to point their smartphone camera to activate it.

Often used for a simple function like accessing a menu the QR code can also open the gateway to a world of product engagement, brand interaction, and a personalized mobile experience.

Using a specialized mobile engagement platform you can also collect valuable data on the shopper’s preferences and content interests to optimize your in-store merchandising strategies.

QR Code Benefits

The code’s activation instantly delights the user with relevant content as there’s no app to download or search involved.
Making the code visually stand out with color and a custom design costs no more than its industrial black and white version and becomes a key marketing tool when part of your display’s signage.

The QR code brings your social media presence and digital brand content directly to the point of sale on your display.

The code’s activation gathers metrics and insight on the shopper’s real-time interactions with the product on their respective devices while the mobile engagement delights them with relevant information like reviews, influencer commentary, and related product recommendations.

This Smart merchandising intelligence is invaluable to you and your retail channel partner for optimizing your planogram, pricing, packaging, and digital content for your display programs.

It’s a great path to that holy grail of in-store marketing success – when consumers opt into a promotional incentive, loyalty program, and future marketing offers.

QR Code Tips

  • To maximize the mobile engagement, brand awareness, and the data capture you want, the following advice should help you execute a best-in-class consumer experience:
  • Make your QR code visually compelling, it need not be an ugly duckling! Incorporate your logo and color so it stands out on the shelf and is large enough to be useful. This is why some people now use large, albeit beautiful, QR codes.
  • Provide a compelling call to action to scan the code; a digital coupon, offer, or Learn More about a key benefit.
  • Create digital content that’s relevant, informative, entertaining, and brief. Our attention span is much shorter than you think.
  • Offer a promotional incentive for opt-in acceptance of your loyalty program and future marketing offers.
  • Consider the key performance indicators ( KPIs ) you want to measure and shape them into the engagement.
  • Collaborate with your retail partner on the real-time data you collect. Which types of products and features were most viewed, what content was most watched, and which display and product location was most active are immensely helpful to know.
  • Expand your mobile engagement to include endless aisle capability and help your channel partner manage inventory. A strong channel partnership builds that dynamic relationship to expand your shelf space and grow your business.

Working With a Professional

To make the most of your QR code onboard to Smart mobile merchandising it is important to work with a turn-key source so the digital content and technology platform are seamless. It’s also important to entice the shopper to use it by drawing their attention to your product with a hard-to-resist display presentation. Here at Tri-Plex Design, we specialize in creating stunning displays and mobile content to transform the shopping experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • QR codes are an easy and economical way to give shoppers’ a successful virtual experience with your product.
  • Mobile engagement not only helps add to the shopper experience but delivers real-time merchandising metrics on your products and your display’s performance.
  • Combining physical and digital merchandising via mobile creates a powerful combination for increasing sales and brand awareness.

Ready to Get Started?

At Tri-PlexDesign, we are on a journey to help people learn about QR codes for mobile engagement to shape the shopper’s experience and the retail path to purchase. Our people are ready to talk to you about how we can help you promote your brand and discuss your options. Pick up the phone and give us a call today at 201 841 0884.

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